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The Influence of Instagram on Business- A Complete Guide

The soft sound of the lullaby that mom hums, makes the little munchkin rock and go into deep slumber. How can we forget the Charm of the Sound of Music? Music plays an important role in every culture; there is music everywhere in the birds chirping, the rustle of leaves, and the cool breeze. It is very strange that babies love soft music, it puts them to sleep instantly and makes a wailing child slowly smile. The universality of music does not have to be established, it runs in every organization, society, stage, theater, worship, movies is an integral part of our life.

  • brain development happens till the age of five in children, music has this strange mystery to accelerate the development of the children brain, their overall personality
  • language skills, reading and listening skills improve a lot if children are exposed to good music that is soft to the ears, heavy music children start liking as they grow up
  • mathematical skills and ability to learn faster happens as the concentration level increases as a child plays a musical instrument,
  • it makes the child school ready as they are more socially active and developed with their motor, language and overall literacy quotient as they start identifying the sounds and meanings of words with musical rhymes and plays
  • technology is doing their bit to keep the child engages the various apps that have the instrument that we love to be downloaded and played as often we want, log on to over at luxtime, and check out the new collections
  • the sync between the body and mind is important, as children listen to music is and repeat the sound or tap their legs, the body is synced with the sound, hence the rate of response to body and mind coordination is better.