Commercial Fridges

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A kitchen is all about steaming, sautéing and cooking but refrigeration is equally critical part of the kitchen. Storing your food and ingredients at appropriate temperature keeps it fresh for long. Only the high-performance refrigerators can assure that no food goes waste due to comparative higher temperature of the kitchen.

The fridges for kitchen and restaurants are available in different styles and sizes. The commercial features make sure to fulfill each unique need and demand of your kitchen. Various brands ensure that no matter what you get a perfect fit for your kitchen. There are specific models that can meet your particular specifications.

  • If you want to keep food of different configurations and sizes in an organized manner, you can opt for refrigerated food table. It works well for food like pizza, salads and sandwiches.
  • If you have limited space, you can opt for under counter or countertop models. Such refrigerators work excellently well to fulfill your space-saving needs. It is majorly used by bar tenders.
  • Next category is of blast chillers. These refrigerators bring down the temperature of the food almost instantly. It chills down the food up to the temperature where bacteria and virus automatically die. Blast freezers are commonly used in ice cream stores.
  • Convertible refrigerators: It is the most versatile form of a fridge. It allows you to store food at multiple temperatures within a single unit.
  • Reach in refrigerators: These fridges are an essential part of a restaurant of home kitchen. This is an important product available at an affordable price.
  • Glass door merchandisers: It is one of the most common fridges from commercial food industry. It is available with one door, two doors or three doors as well.
  • Milk coolers: Efficient milk coolers are equally necessary for homes, schools or dairies.